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Want to get it? Just get to in and get on with it then!

To get on with English and get ahead in life, you’ve got to get ‘get’ into your vocabulary. Don’t get the idea I’m getting at you, but get ‘get’ and you’ll get by. ‘Get’ is a great get out when you don’t get a joke or when you get through to someone who won’t get off the phone and you’re getting bored; get rid of them with a ‘Get lost!’, or more politely, ‘I’ve got to get on now. Get together with you again some time, maybe get away for the weekend. Bye!’ Get the idea of what I’ve got to get across to you? Once you get the habit, it goes quite easy — no, really.

I mean, I get up in the morning, get dressed, and get ready for work. I get to work, get some coffee, then get down to it, because I’ve got to get on with it to get some money to get out and about a bit. I don’t get much money, but I get great satisfaction because I get to get together with new people and I get a lift out of that. I don’t get along with everyone, but you’ve got to get used to that in life. When I get away from work, I’ve got time to get on with things I’ve got to get done. To get away from it all, when I get home I get my best get up on and get down to the disco to get together with friends, get drunk, maybe even get out of my head, and hopefully get off with a girl, unless I get told where to get off, in which case, I’d get out of her way, get the bus home, and get the driver to tell me where to get off.

I get the impression you’re getting angry; or, at least, getting discouraged. Don’t get depressed, don’t get sick at heart, and don’t get the idea you’ve got to get ‘get’ into every conversation at every get together you get to. It would get silly and you wouldn’t get away with it. But get ‘get’ in a get-at-able form: get a dictionary of idioms, you’ll soon get the hand of it once you get into it — if you don’t get sick first. If you get round to it and don’t get up to anything like getting round it or getting out of it, you’ll soon get over getting down when you first got down to it. Get ‘get’ into your vocabulary and you’ll get along OK.

Get the idea? Then get on with it.

Источник: http://bytebuster463.livejournal.com/1175649.html

Tags: dearest creature in creation, english, Прекрасное, Просто захотелось показать

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